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If applied technology is among your greatest passions, you and I have much in common. Your greatest pleasure comes from using technology to make people’s lives and the things they do easier, more effective, and a far more positive experience than ever before. You love making things work, and work better.

In 1981, I fell in love with technology and took a job selling Apple computers in a small computer store. It was the beginning of a career that now spans five decades of continuous fascination, during which I was fortunate enough to learn much from many amazing people at various manufacturer and distributor advisory councils and conferences.

In 2009, I left “active duty” in the IT “channel” and began writing for and about it as a freelancer. The challenge in freelancing is that you’re always writing for either an advertiser, a sponsor, or a client, and your best work imitates their “voice” instead of your own.

BTJ is my opportunity to write only for you, my reader, and only in my own voice. Everything you find here is meant to help you, to encourage you, to inspire you to expand upon your own technology career. Whether you’re selling technology services, delivering them, marketing them, or consulting on them you will find content here specifically designed to benefit you.


One of the most gratifying things about a career creating technology solutions is the spirit of commitment that grows between provider and client. Here, in BTJ, my commitment is to always inform, entertain, and inspire new thought. The most important commitment I ask in return is that you read it. Your response is next, as I hope to drive many conversations with many of you to share as much insight with the entire BTJ community as possible.

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If you see fit, I welcome you to take out a paid subscription to BTJ. All content will always be freely available to you. The purpose of the paid subscription is to further fund the effort to expand the value BTJ delivers. I’m not here to sell anything, although I’ve been selling throughout my career. BTJ’s success will be a product of the appreciation readers show to the value of the content, not my sales skills. In early times, artists, writers, composers, and others had patrons happy to support their continued work. I’m following that ethic in asking you to become part of the BTJ community by subscribing.

Subscriptions will cost you only $5 per month or $50 per year. Rather than paying for the content, you’ll be paying for the ongoing improvement of the content.

Thank you for visiting the Business Technologist’s Journal. I’ll look forward to enjoying lively conversations with you on Substack Notes and Chat, or in response to your comments on our posts.

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For 40 years, Business Technologists have been designing & deploying technology solutions which help organizations improve their processes, procedures, and profits. BTJ shares 40 years of experience in how they achieve optimum results and satisfaction.


Howard M Cohen

A 40+ year business technologist, corporate executive, and senior "resultant" today I write for and about information technology and the IT channel.